How Much Money Are You Losing?

By Not being on Google page One...

Major Kitchen Remodel

1) The national average job cost in 2015 for a major kitchen remodel ranges between $56,768 and $113,097.

2)”kitchen remodel dallas” as an example, gets 140 monthly searches, with hundreds more searches for multiple Dallas remodel keywords.

-> If you are in the number one spot for “dallas kitchen remodel”, just one search term, you’ll receive about 46 new potential clients visiting your website per month at average job cost of $85K.

How much money are you losing by NOT being on page one?

New AC Install

1) The average national cost to install a central air conditioning unit is $5,206 with the average repair at $266.

2) There are more than 2000 combined monthy searches for air conditioning, repair in Phoenix Arizona alone.

-> The number one spot on Google page one for “air conditioning repair phoenix” a single search term, could provide more than 130 new potential clients to your website every month.

How much money are you losing every month by NOT being on page one?

Install New Roof

1) The national average cost to install or replace a residential roof is about $6500 with average repairs costing between $600-$700.

2) There are more than 700 roofing, roofer, repair searches for Sacramento, Ca.

-> Let’s say your website was number 1, page one for “roofing sacramento”, a search term with 170 monthly queries. You could expect about 110 potential clients visiting each and every month. But if your site is buried on page 3…

How much money are you losing every month by NOT being on page one?

Your Blueprint to Page One Rankings

The Services That Ensure Your Phone Rings Off the Hook...

Contractor SEO

Our Search Engine Optimization techniques will drive your website to Google page one. But why stop there? We are not satisfied until we dominate the whole page…

Web Design

Is your website due for a remodel? Our web development crew can build or update a mobile optimized, high converting website tailored for your business.

Video Marketing

Vdeos are an excellent way to “get found” online. Google owns the 2nd largest search engine, Youtube. and consumers love to watch them.

Web Marketing

Combining Social Media, Reputation Management, Lead Generation and proven Internet Marketing techniques, your will billboards will dominate the information super highway.

Contractor SEO

Construction Marketing

Being the owner of a construction firm, you may wear a hardhat but many other hats as well. You are a highly skilled tradesman, Accountant, Safety Coordinator, manager and more.  But to compete in the 21st century, you need to wear the hat of an internet marketer as well.

Without a steady stream of new clients you will not be in business for long regardless of how good your work is. Consumers look to the web when they a need a room addition, new roof or They are searching for qualified contractors online. Will they find your website buried on page 3?

The modern, iphone toting consumer searches the web for contractors and services, not the phone book. Google now owns 67 percent of  the US market online. And web traffic rarely goes past page one when searching for answers to their queries. So if your website is not on Google page one, you might as well not have a website at all.

You’ve probably noticed that more often than not, page one of your local search is dominated by corporate sites like Angies List, Yellow Pages. Or worse case scenario, your competition is there stealing all those valuable leads from you.

Construction Leads?

Many contractors have considered or even utilized online lead brokers. For a fee, these companies will provide multiple warm leads per week/month. Sounds good, but the catch is that these “leads” are usually shared with multiple other contractors. Why not cut out the middleman and get all of those leads for yourself?

Contractor SEO

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is basically a a series of onpage and offpage operations that cause your website to move higher in the search rankings. This is achieved simply stated, through link building, social media marketing and website tweeks.

Can You Self Perform?
If you are willing to devote multiple weekends per month you can probably do your own Contractor SEO. But consider our Internet Marketing Services as those of a trusted subcontractor. While you could do it yourself, the trade specialist owns all the right tools and can almost always do the job more quickly and efficiently.

Ranking in Google is like shooting at a moving target with their constantly updated algorithms. And trying to do the SEO yourself  would be like working a jobsite where you had a new set of blueprints every morning. Do you really need another headache?

Construction Marketing Tips

There are multiple other opportunities to market your construction or service firm online. Among these are Reputation Management, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and even multiple lead generation sites.

Construction Marketing with Social Media requires the building and managing of sites like Twitter and Facebook, etc. Reputation Management is utilized when your business is dogged by bad online reviews, whether true or not.

Is your website structure is stuck in the 20th century, not mobile friendly? Does your url have penalties from previous damaging SEO practices? If yes, a new website, domain may be required. And as Google owns/loves Youtube, video marketing is absolutely necessary to compete online today.

What’s This Cost?

If you are now considering using a Contractor/Construction SEO Marketing subcontractor, to dominate online, you may be wondering about the costs.

The truth is, we can’t possibly tell you until we have more information from you. Would you bid a job site unseen and with no plans or specs? We can’t/won’t either.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you to dominate your competition online and what it would cost, simply complete our discovery form. Think of this as our bid sheet.

And as you know, advertising your business is a tax deduction so you have nothing to lose and only clients to gain.

Note: We can only work with one trade type in a city/town, e.g. Roofing Contractor in San Diego. If  you are absolutely serious about crushing your competition online, contact us before that other contractor hires us first.

Plumber SEO Marketing

If you are a Plumbing Contractor for new construction and or repair/replacement, you rely on the phone ringing with new job and clients. Today, your new leads are found online and your business website must be on Google page for you to be successful.

Statistics show that very few web searchers go past the first page to find a solution to their problem. You want to be there waiting for them and get that new water heater install job. If you are not there, your competition’s phone is ringing.

Many plumber marketing ideas no longer work in our iphone culture. Perhaps you’ve invested in the phone book, direct mail or even radio spots. But consumers now solve their plumbing issues on their smartphone, calling the first number on the searh results page. Is that you?

Our plumber SEO  and online marketing techniques will boost your website to page one. But we don’t stop there. Our goal is to dominate your local search with multiple web properties displaying your name and phone number.

So if your’re ready take your marketing to the next level, hit the “Get Started” button at the top of the page.

HVAC Marketing

There is a lot of competition for leads and customers in the HVAC field. Many Heating/Colling contractors rely on expensive, but outdated HVAC Marketing tecniques. The physical Yellow Pages makes a good door stop but most consumers look to their smart phone when they need your help.

Are you there on Google page one waiting for them or is your competition? Proper HVAC SEO can put your business right in front of the potential clients looking for you. But if you website is on page 3,  it’s like you don’t even have a website.

If you are ready to market to your 21st century customers and get that phone ringing, click on the “get Started” button at the top of the page…

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